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hinese Novel■las," Laughlin● said they were look○ing for work○s of today's Chin●a that convey◆ed the fabric of〓 contemporary ◆experience in the ●thriving e◆conomy."We want■ed to show the flav○or of everyday l◆ife in Chin〓a, without so much d〓rama and violence," ○said Laughlin. W◆hat

s○or Liu Hongta○o from Bei


American read●ers often look ○for when th■ey read Chinese ■authors, however○, is "some kin●d of criticism o●f some kind ○of problem" i●n society, he● added.Laugh●lin was confide〓nt that the○ir selec

ted Chinese◆ Literature

j◆ing Normal Unive●rsity w


○would help〓 Western reader◆s better u●nderstand the more ◆complex and● richer reality ●of the fast-tran◆sforming Asian powe●r."What literature◆ does, and thi○s goes for indep◆endent docum●entary fi

l●ms and con◆temporary

ere ●selecting the no○vell


featur■e films as well〓, is to re●create the su■bjective ex●perience of being○ Chinese," he s◆aid.Literature is th●e original "virtual● reality,"● be it poetry, ◆fiction, dram●a or essays, which n●o

t only "portray●s" what

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